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# Showing 33 results for Study Type: Brief Communication
 1   The dsRNA Electrophoretype of Some Isolated Iranian
M. Ghorbanpour, H. Keyvanfar, M. Seify-abad Shapouri,
Volume 58, Number 1 (6-2004) 
 2   A Pathologic and Microbiologic Study on Bovine Arthritis Associated with Mycoplasma spp.
M.J. Gharagozlou, J. Najafi, A.H. Tabatabayi, P. Khazrainia,
Volume 58, Number 1 (6-2004) 
 3   The Effect of Colistin Sulfate in Feed on the Controlling of Salmonella enteritidis Contamination in a Broiler Farm
M.H. Bozorgmehri Fard,
Volume 58, Number 1 (6-2004) 
 4   The Rapid CAMP Test for Identification of
A. Khafri, A. Nazari,
Volume 58, Number 1 (6-2004) 
 5   Population Density,Trematodal Infection and Ecology of Lymnaea Snails in Shadegan, Iran
G.R. Karimi, M. Derakhshanfar, H. Paykari,
Volume 58, Number 1 (6-2004) 
 6   Virulence of Avian Serotype A1 Pasteurella multocida for Chickens and Mice.
A. Sotoodehnia, S. Ataie, G.R. Moazeni, A.R. Jabbaei, M. Tabatabaie,
Volume 58, Number 1 (6-2004) 
 7   Antibiotic Sensitivity of Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale Isolates Associated with Respiratory Diseases.
M. Banani, S.A. Pourbakhsh, A.H. Deihimi,
Volume 58, Number 1 (6-2004) 
 8   Seminested PCR for Diagnosis of Neospora caninum Infection in Cattle.
G.R. Habibi, R. Hashemi-Fesharki, A. Sadrebazzaz, S. Bozorgi, N. Bordbar,
Volume 59, Number 1 (6-2005) 
 9   Comparison of Pathogenicity and Serologic Response of Four Commercial Infectious Bursal Disease Live Vaccines.
A. Hedayati, H. Nili, A. Bahonar,
Volume 59, Number 1 (6-2005) 
 10   Standardization of an Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for Detection of Infectious Bronchitis Virus Antibody.
H. Ghadakchi, H. Dadras, S.A. Pourbakhsh, S.M.H. Hosseini,
Volume 59, Number 1 (6-2005) 
 11   Preparation of an Inactivated Egg Drop Syndrome Antigen for Using in Hemagglutination Inhibition Test.
M. Banani, S.A. Pourbakhsh, R. Momayez, N. Ghodsian, A. Nouri, B. Haerian Ardakani, A. Vahidi Foumani, M.A. Akhavizadegan,
Volume 59, Number 1 (6-2005) 
 12   Study on Immunity of an Experimental Oil Adjuvant Haemorrhagic Septicaemia Vaccine in Cattle.
A. Sotoodehnia, G. Moazeni, S. Ataei, B. Omidi,
Volume 59, Number 1 (6-2005) 
 13   Evaluation of a Trivalent Pasteurella multocida Vaccine Consisted of Serotypes 1, 3 and 4.
A.R. Jabbri, G.R. Moazeni Jula,
Volume 59, Number 1 (6-2005) 
 14   A Faunistic Survey of Cercariae Isolated from Melanoides tuberculata and Their Role in Transmission Diseases.
A. Farahnak, S. Setodeh, I. Mobedi,
Volume 59, Number 1 (6-2005) 
 15   Experimintal Study of Peracute Fowl Cholera due to Pasteurella multocida Vaccinal Strain (serotype A1) in Chickens
M.H. Hablolvarid, G. Moazeni Jula, A.R. Jabbari,
Volume 64, Number 1 (5-2009) 
 16   Antibody Detection to Feline Immunodeficiency virus (FIV) in stray cats in Ahvaz, southwestern Iran
B. Mosallanejad, M.R. Seyfiabad Shapouri, R. Avizeh, M. Ghorbanpoor Najafabadi, N. Samani,
Volume 65, Number 1 (9-2010) 
 17   A Survey on horse Cryptosporidial Infection in Tehran Province
S.J. Mirian, M.R. Asadi, H.R. Ferdowsi, A.H. Rezakhani,
Volume 65, Number 1 (9-2010) 
 18   Detection of Colicin genes by PCR in Escherichia coli isolated from cattle in Shiraz-Iran
Y. Tahamtan, Z. Shirazi, A. Pourbakhsh, M. Kargar, M. Hyati, M.M. Namvari, M. Vesal Shirazi,
Volume 67, Number 1 (5-2012) 
 19   Antibody detection of feline infectious peritonitis virus (FIPV) in sera of companion cats in Ahvaz, south west of Iran
B. Mosallanejad, R. Avizeh, M.R. Seyfiabad Shapouri,
Volume 67, Number 1 (5-2012) 
 20   First Report of Coccidiosis and Gizzard Erosion in a Zebra Finch (Taeniopygia guttata) of Iran
M. Nouri, H. Azarabad, M. Moini,
Volume 67, Number 1 (5-2012) 
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